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April 3rd, 2013 12:01 am MARTIN CIZMAR | Drank

Drank: Peters’ Family Gin (Cannon Beach Distillery)


The nearest stretch of the Oregon coast does not yet have the amenities Portlanders have come to expect. The scenery is great, of course, but high-quality food, drink and entertainment are in short supply between duneless Astoria and distant Newport. Mike Selberg is changing things in Cannon Beach. Not only is the boyish distillery owner making his own spirits on the sleepy village’s main drag, he’s organizing the occasional concert, too. The process is not quick or easy—we chatted with Selberg uninterrupted for a half-hour during tasting hours on Saturday afternoon—but he’s on the right track. Selberg makes two types of rum and two gins. The more traditional gin, Lost Buoy, is quite nice, but we instead left with a $35.75 bottle of the intensely herbal Peters’ Family. Thick with the flavors of cilantro, basil, licorice and even a little olive, it’s a spirit that drinks like a pre-dirtied martini right out of the bottle. Until New Portland can colonize the beaches due west of town, it’s also one of the finer things available off the sand in Cannon Beach. Recommended.

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