Well, the current laws only seek to pad the pockets of wind producers who get enormous subsidies and forced legislated demand ["A Big Dam Fight Ahead," WW, March 27, 2011]. All of this at the public's expense. What a joke.

I'd like to see windmills actually be profitable and self-sustaining without crazy subsidies. Wind companies rammed these measures through the political process in the first place, often requiring "green" power to be added to a utility portfolio regardless of whether the utility has the growth to justify those added and more expensive resources.


With the American Legislative Exchange Council's fingerprints on this, I will oppose it and tell everyone I know to do the same. I will spread the world on ALEC at the same time.



I can understand why the noise would be annoying if you are trying to sleep next door ["Take It Inside," WW, March 27, 2013]. But you chose to live on Belmont or next to it, assuming to take advantage of all the 'hood has to offer. You can't complain about noise! Legitimate noise at that.

Perhaps [the complainers] need to drink more. Or move to Tigard. It's nice and quiet there.

I lived on Holgate Boulevard for a year, and there was constant traffic noise. I didn't like it, but I knew it came with the territory.


I've worked in bars around the area for 12 years, and I can understand the problems here. One bar had a patio, and the bar worked hard to be a decent neighbor, but complaints still happened. There's a reason they call booze "loudmouth soup."

The smoking ban a few years ago created a problem, forcing people to go outside to smoke. Whether it's on a patio, sidewalk or parking lot, bars now have people hanging out outside. Also, most people don't want to go outside and smoke alone, so now you have a group, and, naturally, they are going to be a little rowdy/loud.

So closing a patio at a certain time may help a little, but you're still going to have people outside smoking and talking/yelling/laughing/screeching.



Did your mom or wife piss in your cornflakes this morning? ["Commentary: AP Kryza on Bob Seger," WW, March 27.] You must really like Justin Bieber with that bad taste in music. Every time I read one of your articles I just want to puke. Dumb ass!

—"Dave M"

You must be one of those 20K-a-year critics that Toby Keith sings about.

—"Dave M"

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