"Don't be creepy, don't be creepy, don't be creepy," the lovesick zombie in Warm Bodies begs himself as he stares, slack-jawed, at the very blond, very alive object of his affection. He's your average twentysomething zombie. He's conflicted about all the killing, but considering his only way to reconnect to the world is to download human memories by devouring brains, he'll take it. That is, until he locks eyes with shotgun-wielding Julie (Teresa Palmer) and falls head over undead heels in love. Jonathan Levine's goofy wisp of a film is a charming lurch through zombieland that bypasses the usual head shots to aim at the heart—and scores a surprisingly direct hit. It helps that Nicholas Hoult is the world's cutest corpse: all mussed hair, starburst eyes and deep-shadowed lids…and a little mouth slime. After saving Julie from his "friends," he courts her with canned fruit cocktail and Coronas. Men do a lot of strange things for a date, but this is the only case (so far) of a dude eating a girl's boyfriend's brain in order to get to know her better. The CGI effects are laughable, and it takes a while to adjust to the willfully cheeseball tone. But once it clicks, it's irresistible. In this world, all you need is love. And sometimes a shotgun.

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