Look, I commute by bike, I occasionally go grocery shopping on my bike, and I love riding to the bar for a few beers. But can we please get over this holier-than-thou crap? ["Spoke Addicts," WW, April 10, 2013.] There's a reason there's a backlash against cyclists, and this [story] is a large part of it. Heck, I'm part of the backlash. I hate a group that I, unfortunately, am a part of.

Also, let's stop patting ourselves on the back as a city. Our reputation as "America's best bike city" is just a load of hot air we've been blowing up our own asses. Sure, it's good compared to most, but best? No. That's just chest-puffing that comes across as insecurity. We're not the best at anything.

Reputations are often built on repeating something over and over again until people assume it's true—Portland is America's best city when it comes to creating undeserved reputations for itself.


Portland is not the bike paradise you make it out to be. My wife gave up cycling to work because she had to pass by three high schools and a freeway entrance. One too many close calls.


"Why does anyone here drive?" Because the weather is cold and wet most of the year, and for at least half the year, rush-hour times are before and after sunrise and sunset. I don't commute by car (I take public transit), but cold, windy, dark, rainy bike rides while visibility is very low won't make me a better person, only colder and more likely to be hit by a car.



Good lord. Why the use of all the force? ["Punch Drunk," WW, April 10, 2013.] There are a couple cops who need to be fired. Or suspended for six months without pay. This violence under cover of a badge is nauseating. Unfortunately, this happens so much [lawyer] Greg Kafoury can barely get a day off.

—"Jurgen Procklater"


A doctor friend of mine used to refer to Providence as "Sisters of Profitus" ["Very Healthy Paychecks," WW, April 10, 2013]. Another friend was told six months before she hit 30 years with Providence that they had changed the pension plan and she would not be able to take full retirement until she hit 60. She started working for them at age 18.

Thank you, WW, for highlighting how health care is simply big business, not about taking care of people.

—"Avg. white guy"


WW's story about city arts funding ["RACC 'Em Up," April 10, 2013] incorrectly stated the percentage of capital project money the Regional Arts & Culture Council currently receives from the city. It's 2 percent, not 1.33 percent. WW regrets the error.

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