Goudy Old Style looks pretty slick as an album font.

Outdated? Psssh. Typography from 1915 is totally in right now.

“Little Lion Man” proves radio edits don’t discourage inappropriate off-air language.
My mother still knows where to place the “fuck” when that catchy, self-deprecating chorus comes rolling in.

Not every frontman can tout his own book club.
Marcus Mumford’s review of Steinbeck’s The Pearl on the band’s website puts any eighth-grade book report to shame.

Multi-instrumentalist “Country” Winston Marshall reminds us we don’t need to dress all fancy to make it big.
He looks like he’s been brewing moonshine in a West Virginia basement, not selling out arenas. (Even if those old-timey clothes probably cost more than my car.)

They’ve kept the banjo market afloat in harsh economic times.
Seriously, banjo sales have doubled in many stores across the country in the past year or so. Keep pickin’, boys.

SEE IT: Mumford & Sons play the Rose Garden Arena, 1 N Center Court, on Monday, May 27. 7 pm. $39.99-$49.99. All ages.