Iron and Wine (April 2004)

This was such a joyous and encouraging night in our early days. A capacity crowd poured in, packed themselves politely into the room, and fell into a perfect hush for the gorgeous, searing music that came.

Thomas Fehlmann (October 2007)
Fehlmann is such a dapper, wise soul, and his live set that night was transcendent, slippery “tekno” with perfect hints of pop. Total elation.
Justice (October 2007, pictured)

As door time approached, it was hard to see how our little place was going to hold this magmatic energy. We could have sold the show out 10 times over. Then Justice tore the room apart, and the crowd lost its collective mind. Expectation and consummation.


Simian Mobile Disco (April 2008)
The LED light system they had was huge, probably way too big for our main stage room. But to behold it in such a small, white space made the experience that much more electrifying.

Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang (July 2012)
Janka is a charismatic vocalist from Sierra Leone who champions a frenetic style of dance music called “Bubu.” This was one of those religious live experiences—an entire crowd joyfully dancing as one and grinning from ear to ear.

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