Thanks for bucking the trend and writing what could be (ironically?) viewed as a rather courageous article ["Gold Chain," WW, June 19, 2013].

However, having sampled Shari's a few times with your same intentions—to take the cuisine on its own terms—your wonderful descriptions don't quite match my experience. In spite of their best intentions, Shari's still seems manufactured and artificial—though the service is awesome, and they definitely know how to take (hyper)active kids in stride.

And when the bars have closed and the Pancake and Steak House is too far to drive to legally, Shari's is a safe, consistent bet. Thanks for taking a break from the food cart/boutique restaurant/cutesy flavor of the month.

—"Joel Gunz"

I love that you wrote this article, and it reminded me of the myriad glorious moments spent in Shari's restaurants around the Portland/Vancouver area all through my growing-up years, college and adulthood.



Unpaved streets are the responsibility of the whole city ["Stuck in the Ruts," WW, June 19, 2013]. Forcing property owners to shoulder most of the costs is inequitable.


Fact is, the large majority of Portland's streets were paved at the expense of the adjoining property owners. Historically, developers of residential areas were required to set aside rights of way and to pay for improvements to meet city standards.

When pavement came to already developed areas, individual property owners were assessed to cover the cost. This may have been many years ago, but those costs have been passed along to current owners in the form of higher property values and higher home prices.

What's inequitable is for all city taxpayers to now have to pay for paving streets where the immediate property owners have avoided that responsibility.

—"Jim Gardner"


Do you know what's interesting about someone sleeping in a van? Everything except sleeping in a van, unless it ties into a larger story ["Vanifest Destiny: The Shower Scene," WW, June 19, 2013].

Be a musician, an artist, an actor, an entrepreneur, a confidence man, an activist, an alcoholic, an addict. Get kicked out of your last place and no one will take you in, tell us about how much your parents/friends hate you. Alienate or befriend other kindred souls. Have some kind of a personality, or in absence of that, surround yourself with people that do. Find new friends to crash with or allow sketchy characters to stay in your van with you. Make really stupid decisions—otherwise, this is a complete and utter waste of space.


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