While some filmmakers pay subtle homage to their forebears, Brian De Palma makes no attempt to hide his Hitchcock obsession. All month long, in a series called Deja Vertigo, the Hollywood Theatre pays tribute to the director's psychological thrillers of the early '80s. First up is 1984's Body Double, which screws together (pun intended—there's a murder involving a massive power drill) Vertigo and Rear Window to produce a story of claustrophobia, voyeurism, pornography and grotesque facial disfigurement. Though it has none of Hitchcock's obsessive control, it makes up for it with a surfeit of sleaze and sex. And, in another neat tie to the Master of Suspense, it stars Melanie Griffith—daughter of Tippi Hedren, one of Hitch's blond muses—as a hardcore porn star with a bleached David Bowie 'do.

  • Playing at: Hollywood Theatre.
  • Best paired with: Burnside Brewing Lime Kolsch.
  • Also playing: Stories We Tell (Laurelhurst), The Muppet Movie (Academy).