Finnriver's Habanero Cider is more like pepper spray than hot sauce. That is to say, the danger of pain comes from inhaling, not drinking. Finnriver Cidery, which sits on Washington's Olympic Peninsula and uses its home state's apples exclusively, made this unique chili cider during a winter slow stretch. It's a true oddity: While there are at least a dozen chili beers made in Oregon alone, there are precious few chili ciders in the world. I don't know if there's a chemistry-based reason for that, but Finnriver's version disappointed. Pour hard and sniff deeply, and fluids will flow from all your facial reserves. Sip slowly, and it's more sweet than spice. For some reason, they added cane sugar to this Pilsner-colored, mild and slightly rosy beverage. It doesn't satisfy like better chili beers, but it's a good conversation starter. Not recommended.