In a world where people watch game shows based on musical chairs and "reimaginings" of antiquated pop-culture characters, perhaps "Weird Al" Yankovic's UHF—in the glorious Technicolor that is hindsight—was a satire of things to come, rather than the sophomoric farce it seemed upon its release. Back in 1989, the story of an oddball and his odder-ball cohorts (among them a pre-disgraced Michael Richards as a mentally askew children's show host) who take over a television station and score hits with shows like Conan the Librarian and Wheel of Fish was derided as ludicrous. OK, it still seems ludicrous. But now, it mirrors the kind of crap TV studios clamor to produce. Does that make UHF and Weird Al ahead of their time? Hell yes, it does. Now somebody give this man a network and a bucket of fish.

  • Playing at: Hollywood Theatre.
  • Best paired with: Miller High Life tall boy.
  • Also playing: Marathon Man (Laurelhurst), The Goonies (Academy).