I had big plans for Portland Sangria, the new bagged wine from Enso Urban Winery. I was hoping, I suppose, for an alcoholic warm-weather counterpart to Oregon Chai. I imagined it as a delicious, lightly spiced beverage, serendipitously branded with the name of the place I live. As I purchased the stylish $20 container (not a bad price, as it's two bottles) at New Seasons Market, I had dreams of strapping the bag to my bike rack, floating down the river with it and tucking it discreetly under a hoodie at Laurelhurst Park. Sadly, the liquid inside proved divisive. I liked the stuff—it's a light-bodied and fruity red augmented with local berries and a blend of mulling spices that, in fact, recalls Oregon Chai—but when I pressed the dispensing button for five other people, they were put off, comparing it unfavorably to glögg and Kool-Aid. I watch dejectedly as they dumped their cups. What fun is bagged wine if no one else wants to sneak a sip? Not recommended.