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July 17th, 2013 12:01 am WW Culture Staff | Scoop

Scoop: Gossip Possibly Written by J.K. Rowling.

scoop_3937(knows)IMAGE: DJ Nathaniel Knows
  • OUT OF WHISKEY: A popular Portland DJ has lost his regular gig after using racially charged imagery to promote the event online. Last week, Nathaniel Knows, host of a weekly dubstep night at the Whiskey Bar in Old Town, posted a mockup of a food stamp on his Facebook page. The image, a variation on a meme used to attack President Obama, showed Knows’ face along with a minstrel cartoon and pictures of malt liquor, watermelons and fried chicken. He was quickly assailed on social media. Knows did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but defended himself on Twitter by saying he “grew up” on food stamps. “I put my face on it for jokes,” he wrote. “I am far from racist.” On June 13, the Whiskey Bar severed ties with Knows. A planned protest organized by local EDM booker Coco Madrid, who created the Facebook group “86 Racism From the Club” in response to the controversy, was then canceled. Madrid tells Scoop several DJs are calling other venues, urging them not to hire Knows.
  • S RA BLE T LES M SSING: On Saturday, Aug. 3, Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery will hold a Scrabble tournament at Lincoln Street United Methodist Church (5145 SE Lincoln St.) to raise funds for the restoration of a Scrabble-themed headstone defaced by vandals last spring. Cemetery group spokeswoman Rachel Fellman says the cemetery hopes to raise about $300 for the restoration. The money will go to the family of the late Paul Ebbighausen, whose family designed and built the original monument. “They say they’ll be able to make it much sturdier this time,” she said. The tournament will feature two brackets and offer prizes that include a $50 gift certificate from Cloud Cap Games and cemetery coffee mugs. The entry fee is $10.
  • WE SUCK BUT WE’RE AWESOME: Last week’s bar review (“Light at the End of the Tunnel,” WW, July 10, 2013) incorrectly stated that the bar had fake crystal chandeliers. Actually, they’re partly made of real Swarovski crystals, according to Jonquil LeMaster, the artist who made the chandeliers. WW regrets the error. >> Since we don’t always screw up, WW was also the only Pacific Northwest newspaper to win four national awards from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies last weekend. WW took third place for elections coverage of the Portland mayoral race, third place in innovation for “The President of Beers” and third place in special sections for our “Artbreaker” package. Martin Cizmar won for best music criticism.
  • DIABLO EAST: Johnny Diablo Zukle, co-owner of Northwest Portland’s infamous Casa Diablo, the vegan strip bar known for its red-stained $2 bills, is looking to expand into new digs. Zukle told the Oregon Liquor Control Commission he plans to turn the Woodshed, newly opened at 16015 SE Stark St. (formerly the Wetlands), into a strip club. Casa Diablo encountered protests when it attempted to open a Sellwood location next to steak-slinging Acropolis in 2011. That bar has yet to materialize.
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