Jeff Cogen is an immensely talented and dedicated public servant, one I have been proud to support in the past ["Jeff Cogen's Double Life," WW, July 24, 2013].

This story breaks my heart and pisses me off at the same time. If he were standing in front of me, I would want to shake him and say, "What the hell were you thinking?"

I'm furious with him. And despite my anger, I am not sure it would be the best outcome for him to be forced out of his job. I don't know what the best outcome is.

Dammit, Jeff.


This arrogant jerk needs to resign. How egotistical to believe he could be the only possible person to fill this position to "fight the good fight and hang in there"…especially now that he only admits to the wrongdoing when evidence is thrown at him.

There can be no way for the voters to believe anything this fool says.

—"Bob C."

Judgment is everything in public office. [Cogen] showed incredibly bad judgment, and then he proceeds to lie and get caught. He has to go. He made his bed, let him lie in it (no pun intended).

—"AL M"

Using taxpayer money is a no-go in terms of [granting] a public pardon. No one wants to pay for their employees' sexual trysts, or for the extensive courting and planning that appears to have gone into them.


Am I the only one who couldn't care less what sexcapades public employees do? Who cares? I understand other county employees care, and that may be the scope of this situation. Let's get the focus back where it belongs—holding real criminals at City Hall accountable.

—"T Oliver"


What the 20-somethings in floppy hats don't understand about their new trendy hangout is that the horse track relies on betting to stay afloat ["Bar Spotlight: Portland Meadows," WW, July 24, 2013]. Stop clogging up all the space and learn how to bet.


Last I checked, a line full of 21-year-olds waiting to buy drinks is the dream of any establishment with a bar. So, Portland Meadows, keep selling your $5 neat whiskeys to the betting folks, but perhaps it's time for a $10 cocktail menu to capitalize on the hipsters.

I don't mind paying for overpriced drinks, and I'd bet the bettors wouldn't mind having more staff and nicer facilities paid for by the profits from those drinks.


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