Episode 25: “Let’s Paint TV”   
Let’s Paint TV

is an iconic public-access cable show from L.A. When public access ended in L.A., so did so many shows that many of us grew up watching. We were honored to have hosted one of our influences. To this day, it's our favorite shoot.

Episode 28: “Merv”   

There is a spiritual self-help cable show done by a woman called Gangaji. Matt Carlson from Golden Retriever was at our house watching public access with us when the show came on. He felt inspired and decided to do an episode using his modular synth as spiritual guidance.


Episode XXX: “Valentine’s Day Special”  

This was our 30th episode, so we asked as many artists to participate as we could. The theme was an XXX Valentine's Day.

Episode 33: “Stereo Total, Harmony Molina, Tusk”

We shot this episode in Berlin as part of the

Experimental Half-Hour

European tour we did last summer.

Episode 36: “Litanic Mask, Sissy Spacek, Twins, Sporay”
This episode was special to us because it pretty much sums up the kind of music we listened to growing up.

SEE IT: The Experimental Half-Hour Third Anniversary Show, featuring Light House, Brown Recluse Alpha with Three Legged Race, Matt Carson with Ilan Manouach, and Cloaks, is at Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi Ave., on Sunday, Aug. 25. 8 pm. $5 advance, $7 day of show. 21+.