Just as the summer of 2013 had dueling radio hits (Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" and Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"), in Portland it had dueling seasonal brews. Like a great pop song, they're both simple yet hard to pin down. In one cooler, 3-Way IPA, sold in a green tall boy from Astoria's Fort George but made in collaboration with Gigantic and Lompoc. It's an intensely traditional Northwest IPA, rich with piney hops and clean California Common yeast. In the other, 10 Barrel Brewing's Swill. The Bend brewery's sour Berliner Weisse was spiked with massive amounts of grapefruit to create, in essence, a bittersweet radler. Before you can sniff at it, the bottle shames you: "Beer guy! Stop taking yourself so serious." Both beers have been huge hits, with Swill drawing lines nearly down to the river at the Oregon Brewers Festival despite bottles being available for $1.99 at area grocers, while 3-Way delights hopheaded beer geeks. My pick? "Get Lucky" with a Swill. Either way, Pharrell wins.