Portland, come on dooooowwwwwn! The Price is Right Live, a stage production based on the 40-year-old TV game show, comes to Portland this week. In its honor, we played The Price is Right at the legendary Price is Right tobacco store at Southeast Division Street and 115th Avenue. Pull up behind the gold Kia Rio with the "Road Rage Princess" bumper sticker, or step up directly to the glass display case and ultra-safe, barred-off cash register and get ready to play! Let's look at six marvelous items available here at the Price is Right. How much would you expect to pay for all six?

First, we have this elegant

Kiipr brand portable ashtray

! Emblazoned with an adorable cartoon kangaroo, this snap-shut vinyl pouch extinguishes cigarette butts and holds them discreetly until they can be discarded in a trash can. It's small enough to fit in any pocket. If pouch becomes warm, make sure contents are not burning before putting away!

If you're looking for a cutting-edge nicotine fix, the breakthrough EZ Cig brand electronic cigarette has you covered! This product is not a smoking cessation device and is not intended to cure any disease! It contains or produces chemicals known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm—but look at that sharp pinstripe design! Classy!

Still prefer classic smoke to modern propylene glycol? Then take a puff of this

Spirit of Cuba non-Cuban cigar from Florida’s Alec Bradley Cigar Company

! Alec Bradley has distinguished itself as a world-class boutique producer and purveyor in the premium cigar industry. The Alec Bradley brand is synonymous with quality and accessibility, garnering top ratings from critics and an expanding clientele!

Looking to wash down that tobacco with an adult beverage? This terrific tall boy of

Sparks premium malt beverage

contains natural flavor, certified color and Yellow No. 5. This 16-ounce can is an effective 6 percent alcohol by volume and union-made by the Steel Brewing Company in Wisconsin!

And because nobody likes Sparks without caffeine, you'll want to spike it with this delicious grape-flavored

E6 6-hr Energy Shot

! Sugar-free, fast-acting, long-lasting and no crash! This product contains niacin—some people may experience a flush feeling, hot sensation or redness of the skin, but it only lasts a few minutes!

Lastly, we have this outstanding

PayDay peanut caramel bar

! Peanuts are a source of "good fats," naturally cholesterol-free and contain resveratrol, the same nutrient found in red wine and grape skins!

So, Portland, how much would you expect to pay for each of these fabulous prizes? Good luck and look for the prices below!

GO: The Price is Right Live is at Keller Auditorium, 222 SW Clay St., 274-6560, on Wednesday, Sept. 25. 8:30 pm. $19.99-$39.99. Price is Right Cigarettes is at 11518 SE Division St., 761-8816.

Kiipr only $1.29, EZ Cig only $3.69, Alex Bradley cigar only $2.99, Sparks only $0.95, E6 6-hr energy shot only $1.50, Pay Day only $1.08. THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!!