Profondo Rosso (1975)

When director Dario Argento decided to scrap composer Giorgio Gaslini's score—and after Pink Floyd declined the job—he turned to Italian prog monsters Goblin to help complete and reimagine the themes. At Argento's behest, the group composed the score in one day and recorded the next. The resulting work sold more than a million copies and remains a classic.


Though not a soundtrack,


is a progressive-rock album that retains all the chilling hallmarks of a great Goblin album. Funk, jazz, rock and horror combine into an unsettling whole.


Goblin and Argento's most famous collaboration. The odd, clanging sounds and whispered "witch" chants will make your blood run cold.

Il Fantastico Viaggio del Bagarozzo Mark

This one is a concept album, not a proper soundtrack, but it deserves honorable mention for being Goblin's one pure vocal album. It is symphonic, magical and epic, as should be expected from an album about a beetle.


Better known in these parts as the soundtrack to

Dawn of the Dead

, this is the final album in Goblin's incredible mid-'70s run. Moods range from the morbid "L' Alba Dei Morti Viventi" to the guitar-driven space funk of "Saratozom."

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