Kuzmanich's Financial Woes

Nice hit piece! ["Where's John Kuzmanich?" WW, Oct. 16, 2013.] Not only were you able to smear John Kuzmanich with half-truths and outright lies, but you were also able to take a cheap shot at the good people of the Oregon Tea Party.

Unfortunately, on purpose, you left out the significant role the Obama economy debacle has played in all of this. Oh snap.

—"Kate Stokes"

The party of personal responsibility: "It's Obama's fault I didn't pay my mortgage!"

—"JD Mulvey"

Kuzmanich is skirting his financial responsibilities while running on a platform that says he'll make the government financially responsible. Like so much of the far right, he's a hypocrite.


You will find that while the media and the left have done a decent job of disparaging the Tea Party brand, a majority of Americans still side with the Tea Party values agenda: smaller government, lower taxes, live within our means.

—"Ronald Poisson"

Wouldn't living within one's means entail making one's mortgage payments in a timely manner? The truth is by "smaller government" everyone means "the parts they don't like" and, of course, everyone's opinion differs on what parts they do and do not like.

—"Melinda Piette"


The article states that Elliott Smith's depression was the result of sexual abuse ["The Last of the Sad Bastards," WW, Oct. 16, 2013].

Although Elliott believed he may have been molested, he had no specific memory of abuse and his thinking on the matter may have been the result of paranoia and delusions caused by mental illness and substance abuse.

He also thought white cars were following him around. I also don't believe he was murdered. He was a great artist and it is tragic that he was tortured in this life and ended up killing himself.

Blaming his stepfather and girlfriend may make us feel better, but is probably fundamentally unfair and won't bring him back to us.

I loved XO when it came out, but I haven't listened to it a whole lot since he died. Too painful.



I have said for a while now that all this crony spending on "planning" a bridge that is too faulty to build is another way of embezzling ["Authorize This," WW, Oct. 16, 2013].

I hope one day we hold Gov. John Kitzhaber and crew accountable for all their shady deals during his third term.

—"Jeremiah William Johnson"

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