[DREAMIEST POP] It's been 17 years since Mazzy Star released its third album, Among My Swan. The world has changed, but the band's laid-back, twangy dream folk has not. Never officially broken up, vocalist Hope Sandoval and David Roback—her guitarist and collaborator since the days of Opal—were slowly picking away at their fourth album, Seasons of Your Day, for years, finally releasing it in September. Mazzy Star fans will welcome the familiar sparse orchestration and blissed-out mood. A solid effort, it will forever exist in the shadows of the band's unexpected success after the single "Fade Into You" became a left-field hit back in 1994. Oddly, the cloying success of So Tonight That I Might See, the album with "Fade Into You," has reared its head again: The track "Into Dust" was recently featured in the advertising campaign for the video game Gears of War 3, bringing the album back onto the British charts. But success was not something the band ever courted. Sandoval prefers the shadows, having begged her way out of her major-label contract and often performing with her back to the audience. Fortunately, this is timeless, heavy-lidded music, delivered by its creators on wistful clouds of cotton by blue light and Quaaludes.

SEE IT: Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside St., 225-0047. 9 pm Sunday, Nov. 3. $30 advance, $33 day of show. All ages.