Congratulations to the winners of our 
Pro/Am Beer Festival last Saturday, Nov. 2!

The Judges' Choice and People's Choice awards went to Sasquatch Brewing for their Vanilla Bourbon Creme Ale:

Home brewer George Dimeo and brewer Charlie Van Meter. 

Judges' Choice runner-up award went to Old Town Brewing's L.O.L.A. Strawberry Lemonade Beer with Brian Yaeger:

Old Town Brewing staff.

People's Choice runner-up award was a tie, with one going to Buckman Botanical's Cranberry Kölsch with home brewer Steve Carper and the other to Coalition with home brewer Eric Steen.

 Home brewer Steve Carper and brewer Danny Cowers.

Top 5 breweries from the Judges' Choice:

1. Sasquatch with George Dimeo, Vanilla Bourbon Creme Ale.

2. Old Town with Brian Yaeger, L.O.L.A Strawberry Lemonade Beer.

3. Alameda with Dean Pottle, DMC Toasted Coconut Brown Ale.

4. Breakside with Wildwood Chef Paul Kasten. Old Woody.

5. Widmer Brothers with Noel Blake, Steel Bridge Porter.

Top 5 breweries from the People's Choice:

1. Sasquatch with George Dimeo, Vanilla Bourbon Creme Ale.

2. TIE: Buckman Botanical with Steve Carper, Cranberrry Kölsch.

     Coalition with Eric Steen, Slow Heather Ale.

3. Migration with Fletcher Beaudoin, Git Lit Wit.

4. TIE: Laurelwood with Liam Nagy, Rusty Robot Ale.

    Breakside with Wildwood Chef Paul Kasten, Old Woody.

5. Fort George with Charlier Herrin, Chärlezen Charge Märzen.

A special thanks to all the breweries that participated:

A very special thank you to our sponsors:

See you next year!