Russian River Brewing's Vinnie Cilurzo is credited with inventing the double IPA, but the brewmaster's triple IPA has arguably been more revolutionary. Doubling everything in the American IPA was smart; developing a business model for Pliny the Younger was genius. Outrageously expensive and time-consuming to brew, Younger draws hourslong lines upon its February release. It's as much a marketing tool as a product, made in limited quantities because its production pencils out to an unsellable $18 pint. Which brings us to Laurelwood's Megafauna and Boneyard's Notorious. These big Indias (Megafauna is 9.5 percent ABV and 140 IBUs, Notorious is 12 percent and 80 IBUs) are local students of Pliny and minor whales in their own right. After hearing the hype, I spent a week tracking down a $5 snifter of the sweet and syrupy Notorious at Apex. I spent another week hunting for Megafauna, only to give up and call Laurelwood, which spent a week calling shops to find one unopened bottle of its chewy, herbaceous brew. Like the Younger, these require lots of effort or luck. My advice: Buy what you can find, but avoid the lines.