Of course you forgot. Of course. And now it's the day before Christmas, and you, my friend, are screwed. Well, kemosabe, you've still got a few precious hours to make things right. For the last holiday gift guide published in this or any newspaper in 2013, we present stoner gifts for the discerning weed enthusiast. If you're reading this late—like, say, Thursday—roll it up and smoke it. It's too late, dude.

For Readers and Greenthumbs:
Botany of Desire

Michael Pollan's elegant exploration of four plants (apples, tulips, cannabis and potatoes) and the part they've played in satisfying key human desires put him on the national stage. His approach, which poses the question, "What if the plants are really in charge?" is novel and thrilling, and his prose has a giddy enthusiasm that will catch on like the Spanish flu. The section on marijuana— which the author holds up as a representation of humanity's desire to get fucked up—is a crash course in cannabis history and the role it has played in our belief in worlds beyond our own. Highly recommended, at least so you can give it to cannabis deniers and say, "Read this and get back to me."

For Potheads who love Tolkien or Hawaii: Kona coconut and bamboo pipe, $55 at RoseBud Wellness Center, 2239 NE Broadway, 432-8937, rosebudportland.org.

These elegant pipes are hand-carved in Kona, Hawaii, by some pleasant gentlemen who most certainly appreciate their own handiwork. The bowls are hollowed-out coconut seeds, which the Incas used as candles since the nut doesn't burn and absorbs the fragrance of whatever's smoked. The stem is a bent bamboo reed that allegedly hardens over time. There are more efficient ways to smoke, but nothing evokes the same primal pleasure of breathing fire from a wooden bowl.

For Mainliners:

What's best about the Atmos Raw is its versatility. The pen feels hefty, like I'm holding good, old-fashioned American machinery. (I'm not. Atmos pens are made in China.) The ceramic chamber can vaporize a wide array of marijuana's various forms, including shatter, wax and finely ground herb. I wouldn't mind a prettier package, but Atmos pens are about form and function, two roles they act out in spades. This is a handy, discrete object to have around.

For Hungry People: A breakfast burrito with added bacon, approximately $6 at Meat Cheese Bread, 1406 SE Stark St., 234-1700, meatcheesebread.com.

It's got melted cheddar, hash browns and green chile salsa, all blended together splendidly. The hash browns are nicely balanced. The bacon really sets everything off. A lot of breakfast burritos overdo the scrambled eggs. They're a vehicle, not the star. Let the hash browns in. Let the salsa tickle your tongue. No one looks down at a gift burrito. No one.

For anyone under age 34: PlayStation 3, $200.

South Park
Game of Thrones
Photos courtesy of Kona, Atmos, Meat Cheese Bread, and Playstation.