American-made wheat beers tend to be dry, hoppy and, far too often, bland. The New World cousins of traditional German hefeweizens typically tone down the yeast’s tutti-frutti punch while amping up the bitterness. Heater Allen built its reputation on authentically Bohemian lagers, so it’s little surprise that the McMinnville brewery’s first ale began with a recipe imported directly from Germany. Lisa Allen, who brews with her father, Rick, had a college roommate who worked at a Munich brewpub and gifted her with the formula for this Bavarian-style wheat beer. If you’re used to Widmer or Blue Moon, prepare yourself: The Isarweizen will thump your nostrils with the smell of clove and then strike your tongue with the taste of banana. It’s creamy and crisp, kind of like chewing a slice of Juicy Fruit gum—and I mean that in the very best way. Heater Allen releases this cloudy and refreshing quaff in the spring, but if you can track down a leftover from last year—John’s Market had a few—it’s still in great shape. Recommended.