Adam Steinfink (guitar, vocals), David Lloyd (guitar), Adam Smith (bass, vocals), Devon Shirley (drums).

Sounds Like: Pedro the Lion on a moderate dose of uppers.

For fans of: R.E.M., Stephen Malkmus, Sunny Day Real Estate.

Why you care: Comprised of three service-industry folks and one customer-service rep by day, Grandhorse is Portland's answer to Yo La Tengo by night. The band released Portraiturefolio last June, a nine-song record David Bazan would tip his cap to. The album begins with a sprint in "Short Drive With a Kidnapper," a strident track marrying post-punk and emo in Jeremy Enigk-like fashion, but the record tempers as it goes, settling into a deceptively controlled and calculated brand of harmonious, wind-down rock. Which isn't to say it departs from its mid-'90s influences. Grandhorse is a young band with one album, but it already plays with a confidence and clarity beyond its years.

"We're all really into having the guitars swirl and wash as a texture, with clean leads on top of everything," says drummer Devon Shirley. "We've been playing together long enough to start understanding what our sound is as opposed to what sound we should be aiming for."

Shirley, who works with PDX Pop Now along with frontman Adam Steinfink, reports the group just added longtime friend and Dedere bassist Bryce Hutchinson to the Grandhorse lineup. "Now that the foundation for the band has been laid," Shirley says, "we'll have more time to get out to shows and meet new people. That's something we've all really missed."

SEE IT: Grandhorse plays the Kenton Club, 2025 N Kilpatrick St., with Tigerface and Fur Coats, on Friday, Jan. 24. 9:30 pm. Free. 21+.