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February 5th, 2014 12:01 am SAVANNAH WASSERMAN | Beer Guide

Beer Guide 2014: Growl Local

Oregon makes great beer… and containers.


Hydro Flask, $50


This 64-ounce wide-mouth steel bottle from Bend’s HydroFlask is a vacuum-insulated jug that can keep your beer carbonated, fresh and cold for a full 24 hours. Double-walled construction provides lightweight insulation and prevents condensation. Because it’s steel, it won’t shatter if you drunkenly drop it. The 2-inch mouth allows for easy pouring—both in and out.

Portland Growler Co. Slip-Cast, $65


These Portland-made ceramic growlers weigh in at a hefty 4 pounds—empty. With all that insulation, the maker claims they’ll keep beer cool for four days or more. The clay shatters like heavy glass, but the handmade slip-cast ceramics are as handsome as jugs get. They’re available in black, gray, white or blue and, now, in a 32-ounce growlette size. 


Drink Tanks personal keg, $69


Now you can purchase your very own personal keg from this Bend company. This stainless-steel growler comes with a special lid secured by a double-bail locking system. There’s an optional add-on “keg cap” ($45) that turns your growler into a keg with a CO2 charge to keep your beer fresher longer. It dispenses like a keg with a push of a button—no pumping required.

Bräuler Growler, $45


If Portland Growler Co.’s ceramic jug is the vintage Volvo of local growlers this is the Audi A4. “The world’s first stainless-steel modular growler system” is a shiny contraption capped with a CO2 injection system ($70) designed to hold perfect beer pressure and keep your beverage carbonated and crisp if you recharge after pours. The hydrodynamic stainless-steel growler was created by the Zythos Project in the Irvington neighborhood and is sold at Let’s Brew, Kitchen Kaboodle, Streetcar Bistro & Taproom, certain McMenamins locations and elsewhere.

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