Sunset Valley, The New Speed (1998)

No. 2,
No Memory
Cavemanish Boys, Get a Load of… (2000)

Various artists, Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel: A Concept Album (2001)
Although he didn’t actually perform on it, Slusarenko conceptualized this “indie-rock opera,” calling upon Stephen Malkmus, Grandaddy, Mary Timony, Lou Barlow and practically everyone else in his address book to help tell the story of…uh, a guy who fights robots, maybe? 

Boston Spaceships, Zero to 99 (2009)
Slusarenko and Moen consider the third album in their collaboration with Guided By Voices’ Robert Pollard to be the purest encapsulation of Pollard’s glam-pop vision. “That was the one that was the most like Guided By Voices, kind of like Alien Lanes—really haphazard,” Slusarenko says.