POP] Haim wasn't the only group to get attention for its retro-pop sound last year.


, a quintet from Brooklyn, turned heads with its debut LP,


, crafting 1960s-inspired tunes complete with hand claps, groovy basslines and matching outfits. Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig's full, intertwining vocals lead the group with delicate and beautiful harmonies. One minute you're getting the swaggering chant of "Turn It Around," a jubilant, foot-stomping sing-along supported by a wobbly keyboard line and cymbals crashing everywhere. The next moment, you're experiencing the sparse heartbreak of "Go Home" as the two singers cry, "I don't need you anyway/ I don't need you/ Go home," as a hollow-sounding electric guitar wails in the background. Sure, Lucius has created a sound that might be considered antiquated, but for all its charming simplicity and tambourine-shaking nostalgia, the energy makes it fresh and exciting.

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