Heisenberg is not Breaking Bad blue. Bunsenbrewer’s “Midwest-style” IPA—not as hoppy as a West Coast IPA, but not quite Old World mellow—is naturally yellowish in hue, meaning blue food coloring would only turn it green. Besides, the brewmaster at this new brewery in a Sandy industrial park has used the power of science to get it extra pure—of gluten, at least. After brewing a traditional beer, the brewery adds an enzyme called Aspergillus Niger Prolyl Endoprotease just before the brewer’s yeast. The enzyme breaks down most of the gluten in the beer, removing what’s detectable by most tests. It’s perhaps not zero parts per million, which is why the brewery calls it “reduced-gluten,” despite being “gluten-free” by FDA standards. It’s a drinkable IPA, crisp and fruity, if also a little buttery and bland for my taste.