Your journalists write articles worthy of Pulitzers, which leads one to believe you seek an audience that doesn't consist primarily of 17-year-old stoned males. Yet so much of your paper belies this presumption.

Take your "Love Local: Valentine's Day Gear From Oregon Companies" article [WW, Feb. 5, 2014]. "Chocolate clone-a-pussy"? "Almost naked lube"? Could you be less original?

Yes, in the mind of a stoned 17-year-old boy, Valentine's Day is for sex, and sex is just f-----g. What better for this than gimmicky sex toys? And you list this crap in the "Culture" section. How bourgeois.

I suppose I should not be surprised, considering your male editorial staffers outnumber female editorial staffers by about 5-to-1.

You can pretend you're grown up and write articles with real journalistic appeal, but as long as you write tripe like the "Love Local" article, you'll always have one foot in the adolescent gutter.

Lara Gardner
North Portland


Having read this article in its entirety ["The Secret of Yummy Garden," WW, Feb. 5, 2014], I really don't see how this Chan fellow was much of a danger at all.

I certainly have never heard of him, nor his restaurant. I'm just glad he made it out of the country safely.

Chalk this one up to yet another casualty in the failed, yet never-ending "War on Drugs."

—"Damos Abadon"


Sen. Betsy Johnson (D-Scappoose) should understand that responsible gun owners can support this bill that just mandates checking to see that a person with a criminal record can't get a gun ["Empty Chambers," WW, Feb. 5, 2014].

If this bill doesn't pass, she'll have blood on her hands the next time some guy gets a gun online and kills his girlfriend. Public safety is the job of legislators, and this is an opportunity to protect people from criminals who should not own guns.


Thank goodness for radical centrists like Betsy Johnson.

Sen. Floyd Prozanski (D-Eugene) is pandering with a bill with no teeth for which there are virtually no cops to investigate your 80-year-old neighbor for gifting you his .22-caliber rifle.

Assuming Grandpa is arrested, how many jurors are going to call BS and essentially grant a jury nullification?


Thank you, Kate Willson, for a well-written, well-researched article without any journalistic slant on a subject that is so very polarized.

I am hoping that Sen. Prozanski loses this issue big time.

—"Ferd Berfull"

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