* To the best of our hazy, hung-over recollection.

2 In Ernest & Celestine (France), a mouse and a bear become lifelong friends.

3 In It's All So Quiet (The Netherlands), this involves lots of sponge baths.

4 Including forbidding imagination in Television (Bangladesh).

5 Including running crime organizations in Salvo (Italy).

6 The canine in Closed Curtain (Iran) has been deemed by Matthew Singer "the greatest fucking dog actor ever."

7 The cat in The Strange Little Cat (Germany) is not actually that strange.

8 Sacrificial goats receive their own segment in Manakamana (Nepal).

9 Rock quarry workers in the documentary Levitated Mass: The Story of Michael Heizer's Monolithic Structure (United States) repeatedly refer to a huge boulder as their "pet rock."

10 Including one bludgeoning by crowbar in Horses of God (Morocco).

11 Including one decapitated dog in Aftermath (Poland).

12 Including one mysterious man found lying dead next to large cut of steak in People in Places (Spain).

13 Including one malnourished goldfish in Proxy (United States).

14 In The Congress (Israel), the naked female is a cartoon.