The just-released bottles of Double Mountain’s Devil’s Kriek have two very important numbers on them. The first is the year the beer was brewed—2012—which, in following the wine world’s convention, is stamped on the bottles despite the fact that this acidic and very reserved kriek didn’t appear in bottles until last month. The second—$17—is the price we paid at N.W.I.P.A. That’s a large sum for a 375-milliliter bottle. But consider that the bottle for this dry and Brett-heavy brew was made to specification in Italy. And consider that its Rainier and Bing cherries came straight from brewmaster Matt Swihart’s orchard in Dukes Valley. And remember how long it’s been conditioning in the brewhouse. For me, it’s hard to justify ponying up $17 for 12.8 ounces of any beer. But, if you give the Devil’s his due, you won’t find much fault. Recommended.