What Not To Say To A Stripper

"You're too smart to be a dancer." Really? I don't recall intelligence being a trait that dancers don't have or shouldn't have. Similar and equally annoying is "You're too good for this place." If you think so little of strip clubs, then why are you here?

"Why haven't you taken your panties off yet?" This is annoying if it's not even halfway through the first song onstage or in the private dance area. We'll take our panties off when we feel like it—if we feel like it.

Don't tell us how to do our job. If you don't like how we dance, whether or not we do pole tricks or how we choose to collect our tips, then move on to another dancer or find your way home.

"How does your boyfriend/husband/partner feel about you being a dancer?" Ask, but don't be surprised when a dancer retorts with "How does your girlfriend/wife feel about you being here? Does she even know?" We are not afraid to call you out for being a nosey hypocrite.

"What are you going to do with your life? You can't dance forever." Thanks, Dad. I'll get right on mapping out my life plan and report back to you.

"How much money do you make?" I don't know, how much money do you make? Oh, you don't want to tell me? Interesting.