There’s still precious little proper whiskey made in Oregon. Give it a few years and there will be, but right now most whiskey sold with local labels is either immature white dog or stuff that’s been shipped out from elsewhere and drained into bottles emblazoned with our city’s name. Devils Bit, the flask-size bottles of aged whiskey McMenamins will sell at some locations (Kennedy School, Old St. Francis School and Crystal Ballroom among them) for $17 on St. Patrick’s Day, is a real whiskey, distilled way back in 2006. It has spent time in four different barrels, including charred and new oak, which give it some woodiness, and used port barrels from which you can taste a very slight, ripe fruitiness. Devils Bit is mature for its young age, with layered flavors that recall a much older whiskey, though sharper. There are just more than 1,000 bottles, and they usually sell out by the early afternoon. You could drink a lot worse for $17 on St. Patty’s Day. Recommended.