Why does this crap still go on? ["Getting Totally Hosed," WW, March 5, 2014.] I am all for fairly compensating firefighters, but a $132,000 pension? All while actually keeping your job and doubling that amount?

We need to reform so such double-dipping is not possible. If you are still working for a government entity, you can't collect a paycheck and a pension, done and done.

If anyone wonders why property taxes (and rents) in Portland are heading up, you merely need to look at the huge percentages of your property taxes that go to fund police and fire pensions, all so jerks like Mark Schmidt can double-dip and stick it to the public.

Mayor Charlie Hales and the City Council need to make fixing this a priority, like right now.


This is legal thievery. The guy applied for the new job before he had even retired; he knew exactly what he was doing.



Great article; I wanna have a beer with Terry Emmert sometime ["Touchdown Terry," WW, March 5, 2014]. Here is my tip: Add helmet cams to the [Portland Thunder's] quarterback and middle linebacker like they had in the old Canadian Football League.

"Bradley Jenkins"

Typical hit piece by the poofters of Willamette Week. [Emmert's] water buffaloes actually shit, he likes pretty secretaries, and he is a successful

businessman who votes Republican. OMG!

"James Hedman"


The Interstate Avenue corridor is already overloaded with multiple motels that serve low-income housing dwellers ["Camping Trip," WW, March 5, 2014]. To add a homeless camp to another Interstate site such as the one proposed on North Albina Avenue or another on North Russell Street would provide an undue burden on this section of the city. Just because Pearl developers can pay to scuttle the camp from Northwest, that doesn't make it right or fair.



WW film critic AP Kryza received this email last week:

I want to thank you for your updated piece on Carrie ["The Wild-Eyed Piper," WW, Feb. 26, 2014]. Your take on Margaret White made me laugh out loud! It's fun to know I still scare you. Sorry we didn't get to meet; you would have seen that I am 5-foot-2 and relatively harmless.

All the best to you,

Piper Laurie


In last week's Scoop column, Portland rapper Illmaculate was incorrectly identified as African-American, the result of a copy-editing mistake. WW regrets the error.

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