4237 N Mississippi Ave., 954-2674, 11:30-2:30 am Monday-Thursday, 11-2:30 am Friday-Sunday.

Building more loyalty than the Reichswehr (though less intent on world domination), German beer bar Prost! has amassed a die-hard community of dedicated drinkers. Stein Club members proudly show off their punch cards as they work their way toward T-shirts, personal mug lockers and inscribed wall plaques. Aiming to offer Portland drinkers an authentic taste of Germany inspired by his childhood visits to his family farm in Buseck-Beuern, co-owner Chris Navarra imports all the beers and serves them in traditional glassware. With more than two dozen German styles to sample between the draught list and bottles, it's wise to start small—say, a one-third liter of the crisp Franziskaner Weissbier—and work your way up to half or full liters of malty Spaten Dunkel or the classic Paulaner Oktoberfest. But when the stiefel (the two-liter boot) comes out, be prepared to make some friends. PENELOPE BASS.

Entertainment: Darts, TV, patio, camaraderie.