In dark porters and stouts, coffee typically reads as rich and bitter. But some of the most refreshing flavors in coffee are those bright, fruity notes you get from lighter roasts or cold-pressed cups. Night Cap, Coalition's new barrel-aged coffee IPA, hits those hard. Inspired by the French custom of serving espresso with a bit of lemon peel, Coalition's Elan Walsky actually put a little lemon peel in the hopback while brewing. My glass at Hawthorne Hophouse reminded me more of cascara, the tea made of coffee berries, than normal joe. Night Cap uses Cascade and Citra hops and was conditioned on whole Ethiopian Yirgachefe beans from Ristretto Roasters before going into second-use bourbon barrels for eight weeks. The result is a cherry-heavy brew that's also sticky with toffee. Recommended.