We published our endorsements for the May 20 primary last week, so we're publishing the list again this week to remind everyone of our choices.

WW follows a different path than most newspapers. We endorse only in races that are competitive. We also invite all candidates to answer questions, and we have everyone in a particular race take part at the same time. Then we record the entire interview for you, our readers, to see and hear.

For more details about how we made our decisions—and to watch videos of the endorsement interviews—go here. 

U.S. Senate 

Republican: Jason Conger 

Democrat: Jeff Merkley 

U.S. House of Representatives

1st District, Republican: Delinda Delgado Morgan

5th District, Democrat: Kurt Schrader

5th District, Republican: Ben Pollock


Republican primary: Dennis Richardson 

Oregon House of Representatives 

District 34, Democrat: Ken Helm 

District 41, Democrat: Deborah Barnes 

District 42, Democrat: Rob Nosse 

District 44, Democrat: Tina Kotek 

District 45, Democrat: Barbara Smith Warner 

District 50, Democrat: Carla Piluso 

District 51, Republican:  Jodi Bailey 

Metro Council

President, nonpartisan: Tom Hughes 

Multnomah County Board of Commissioners 

Chair, nonpartisan: Deborah Kafoury 

Commissioner, District 1, nonpartisan: Jules Bailey   

Commissioner, District 2, nonpartisan: Loretta Smith 

City of Portland 

Commissioner, Position 2, nonpartisan: Nick Fish 

Commissioner, Position 3, nonpartisan: Dan Saltzman 

Measure 26-156, creates an independent water district: No