Proud NASCAR bar Hollywood's Hot Rod Bar and Grill (10810 NE Sandy Blvd., 946-8242, belongs right where it is, on a strip of Sandy Boulevard that is essentially a small-town speedway lined by sports bars and German sausage, at the bow of two freeways. There's a racecar displayed on the roof, and no fewer than five life-size fiberglass racing chassis replicas are hung high and low on the bar's walls, from Richie Evans' famed No. 61 to Junior's old Budweiser car. Hollywood's opens early on Sundays when there's a race showing, and a 7-ounce prime rib dinner is a mere $5 after 4 pm on Sundays and Mondays. (You might have to do some of your own trimming, but it's a perfectly good $5 meal.) The red-painted room is prettied up with bolted sheet aluminum in places, and in front of the three pristine, red-felt pool tables are a pair of plush vinyl couches facing the TVs, with a table in the middle for your beer. Think of Hollywood's as a basement den for people whose first gift from their father was a toolbox. It's the sort of place where everybody knows everybody somehow, half the crowd looks like their other car is a motorcycle, and grown men get a little misty when talking about solid craftsmanship. When you lift your sleeve to show off your tattoo, it better have flames coming out of it.