A senior citizen goes to bed with a young adult who could be his grandchild, claims to have fallen in love with him, stashes him in his home, pays him an "allowance" and then gets screwed when the relationship goes south in just a matter of months ["Terry Bean's Problem," WW, June 4, 2014].

And why exactly am I supposed to have sympathy for him? I'm amazed someone this accomplished and capable is this stupid.

I can't fathom why anyone's defending this guy for this specific behavior. For all his accomplishments, he apparently missed a major developmental milestone—behaving like a responsible adult and making mature choices.

Maybe he'll think twice before he woos another person so much his junior.


This is nothing but an attempt by a punk con artist to extort money from a man who really only had his best interests at heart.

It's despicable that this "victim" would resort to lawsuits to settle a petty domestic squabble.


If this had been a straight man with a young woman, it would not have been front-page news in any paper. This is still a subtle form of homophobia, without question.

The same thing happened to Sam Adams, who was thoroughly investigated by then-Oregon Attorney General John Kroger and cleared, but the whole trial by media ruined Sam's reputation and political future.

If the young men are over 18, they are adults fully able to consent. It is that simple.

Terry Bean has done more for the LGBT movement than anyone else in this state. He has a national reputation for that, and he earned it.

—"Alan Brown"


Gov. John Kitzhaber is going to do everything in his power to stop coal exports through Oregon ["Coal-line Stand," WW, June 4, 2014]. That is what matters.

His reasons may be many and are debatable. But his public statements in opposition to coal exports through Oregon are unequivocal.

Bravo, John Kitzhaber. You have my vote and energetic support.

Richard Ellmyer, chairman,
North Portland Coal Committee

The gorillas lurking in the room are, as follows: the Columbia River Crossing, Cover Oregon and Rudy Crew. Coal isn't sexy enough to replace these failures in people heads, but it's worth a shot.

Kitzhaber needs to roll it up and retire. His time came, went and remains gone. Oh, and tax reform? Ain't gonna happen. Not on his watch anyway...it's a Timex.

—"Irving Berliner"

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