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June 25th, 2014 12:01 am WW Culture Staff | Scoop

Scoop: Clint Dempsey’s Belly For MVP

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  • POT BOILING OVER: Get those bikes ready for a ride across the river. Main Street Marijuana expects to become the first recreational marijuana store in Washington’s Clark County within the first two weeks of July, according to The Columbian newspaper in Vancouver. Main Street is among the first round of 20 to 30 marijuana stores expected to be licensed by the state in the next few weeks. Still, Brian Stroh at CannaMan Farms, Clark County’s only licensed marijuana grower, says not to get too excited just yet. “I haven’t filled any orders,” he told WW. Not because stores wouldn’t buy them, but because Stroh doesn’t know which stores will actually open first. He doesn’t have enough pot to spare for stores that won’t open. “It’s all still our test crops,” Stroh says of the product currently available from CannaMan and other growers. “We’re essentially starting from scratch here.” August is when he expects licensed marijuana producers to catch up to the demand for weed. Until then? “Don’t expect to find much on the shelf.” Due to this scarcity, Main Street manager Ramsey Hamide pegs the initial price for weed at $20 to $25 a gram ($567 to $709 an ounce).
  • CARTLOADS OF CARTS: Following news that Cartopia, Good Food Here, North Station and the Southwest 6th Avenue and Columbia Street pods all plan to close this year, two new pods announced this week they will open. Tidbit Food Farm and Garden plans to start a pod at Southeast Division Street and 28th Avenue, anchored by an outpost of Northeast Alberta’s Thicket nursery. It’ll pick up a number of carts from Good Food Here and the Portland State pod, including Namu, Brazilian House, E-San Thai and—perhaps most important—the Scout Beer Garden. Meanwhile, drinkers at vegan bar Sweet Hereafter can soon duck into an alleyway for an illicit hot dog. Rockin’ Robyn’s Sassy Burger and sausage slingers Port Dawgs will resurrect a defunct cart pod at 3423 SE Belmont St. The Belmont Street Eats pod plans to offer community events, movie nights and a kids’ playhouse.
  • BLUE CHRISTMAS: Camaron Azul, the Gresham mariscos restaurant that last year took over the 1721 SE 122nd Ave. space once occupied by beloved ceviche spot Puerto Marquez, has already quietly changed hands and names, becoming a “Cuban-Mexican” restaurant named Luna Azul in April. But Diubel Navarro-Gonzalez, one of two co-owners filing for a liquor license at the newly dubbed restaurant, has been in the news for entirely different reasons. He was arrested by Washington County sheriff’s deputies early Christmas morning on accusations he repeatedly stabbed the ex-husband of his girlfriend at a Christmas Eve party. He’s pleaded not guilty to first-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon and is scheduled to stand trial July 29.
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