Boneyard has been shorting the market since it opened. Tony Lawrence assembled his Bend brewery from pieces and parts collected during his visits to other breweries across the country as a consultant. Since opening, he hasn't had the tank capacity to make enough kegs of RPM IPA or Hop Venom DIPA for Oregon and Washington bars—let alone bottle, can or launch a robust line of seasonals and one-offs. The first batch is bubbling at Boneyard's new and larger brewhouse this week, and Lawrence promises the extra space will lead to new "fun stuff" later this summer. In the meantime, the newish Southeast Portland location of the Growler Guys, based in Bend, has dusted off an old keg of Black 13, a beer Lawrence hasn't made in "a very long time." It's aged well. This style-buster is unified only in number: 13 degrees Plato, 13 IBU, 13 percent roasted and flaked barley. It's more like a dry Irish stout than anything else—dark in color, light in body and only mildly sweet. Until Boneyard finally has the space it needs, it's also a rare chance to try something old but new from one of Oregon's best breweries. Recommended.