I see that Neal Karlen is not a local journalist and, admittedly, have little awareness of Mark Dayton or his politics ["America's Worst Politicians," WW, July 2, 2014]. Whether I agree with Dayton's positions or not, I was astounded to read this piece. The language is antiquated and exactly what perpetuates a stigma against psychiatric/neurologic illness.

To refer to someone as cementing his place "in Washington's cuckoo's nest," as a "lifelong depressive," or as taking "enough psychotropic drugs to fill a Walgreens warehouse" only implies that one can assume psychiatric illness will be accompanied by a lack of responsibility, intelligence and/or integrity.

That is inaccurate and unacceptable. Referring to individuals as individuals with depression, for instance, (versus "lifelong depressive") confirms that they are not defined by a single aspect of their identity or medical history.

I believe that WW would be strengthened by prioritizing respect and person-first language over incendiary and judgmental writing such as what was reflected in Mr. Karlen's piece.

Northwest Portland

The two Oregon politicians on this list say a lot more about WW's political biases than they do about the people in question: a couple of old Republican nobodies whose worst offenses are being rude and making a couple of politically incorrect comments in private (John Ludlow), and being slightly eccentric but completely harmless (Art Robinson).

"Someone has to say it"


Thank you for this coverage ["House of Cards," WW, July 2, 2014]. I have been at SAIF Corp. for 25 years, and there have been political situations and management shake-ups, but this has been so frustrating to watch.

There are many employees who are nervous to take any sort of stand, but right is right and wrong is wrong. It is practically our prime directive to do the right thing.

I hope this is going to be fully investigated, and there are many employees who would be surprised if John Plotkin would even want to come back. But if he did, he would probably have the most loyal employee base ever.

"Vintage Adjuster"


Why oh why is the Oregon Liquor Control Commission in charge of recycling centers? ["Seeking Redemption," WW, June 25, 2014.] Is it because there is a drop of beer in an empty can or bottle?

The grocers want this monkey off their backs. Let them and the distributors of these products provide oversight, not a bloated, revenue-sucking bureaucracy.

Does government have to have their finger in everything?

Kyler Culp
Southwest Portland

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