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This Week
November 12th, 2014 WW Culture Staff | Food Reviews & Stories

Buzz List: Where We’re Drinking 
This Week

clublist_luckyhorse_4101LUCKY HORSESHOE LOUNGE - IMAGE: nataliebehring.com
The best bar in Portland changes pretty much every night, depending on who shows up, what beers get tapped and who controls the speakers.

Our pick for the top brewpub, dive bar or wine lounge might change by the time you've finished reading this. But here are the spots, new and old, that we're most excited about right now. For a comprehensive list of favorites, check out our Bar Guide.

1. Lucky Horseshoe Lounge (pictured)

2524 SE Clinton St., 954-1606.

Taking over the space previously occupied by the Workshop Pub, the loosely Western-themed Lucky Horseshoe keeps a neon horseshoe in the window, its bottles in a metal tub on the bar, and its Occidental or Gigantic beers on tap at a cool $4. 

2. Bar Bar

3939 N Mississippi Ave, 288-3895, mississippistudios.com.

It’s dark, cold and wet again—weather secretly cheered by some of us—and Bar Bar’s covered deck and constant campfire make it one of the best wintertime patios in town. 

3. The Big Legrowlski

812 NW Couch St., 206-6481, biglegrowlski.com.

Mostly this is an understated little tap nook on the edge of Chinatown. The Chinatown crowd is not the issue—no rich fucks, no fucking strumpets waltzing around, just a black-and-white rendering of the rug that tied the room together and Bowling Nixon in the restroom.

IMAGE: Thomas Teal


4. The Pines 

1 N Center Court St., 797-9619.

Welcome back, Trail Blazers. Goodbye, third-floor smoking patio at the Moda Center. The new 300-level bar has 10 Barrel to go with the usual Widmer, Pyramid and Laurelwood, pulled from a glass-walled keg closet that draws as many looks as the view out the window.

IMAGE: Ryan Prouty


5. Prettyman’s General

2637 SE Hawthorne Blvd., prettymansgeneral.com.

This dandy little pub and market has all the trappings of contemporary Portland culture: antlers, sheepskin-adorned leather sofas, oil landscapes, Courtney Barnett records, super fancy tuna salad sandwiches.

IMAGE: Thomas Teal

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