No one scoffs at fruity beer anymore. Citrus-spiked IPAs are ubiquitous, Stiegl radler has replaced PBR among a certain class of well-coifed patio drinker, and you can find everything from passionfruit to black currants in bottles on grocery shelves. That's all great, especially on the heels of the hairy-chested hop race, but none of those stands up to Double Mountain's Tahoma Kriek. Formerly known as Rainier Kriek, until Pabst asked the Hood River brewery to change it to avoid confusion with Rainier beer, this strong, bright blond tart is 10.3 percent ABV. That's just enough to balance out the severe tartness of brettanomyces and fresh Rainier cherries from brewmaster Matt Swihart's orchard. Compared to other—admittedly much more affordable—sours, it's cashmere to carpet wool. Recommended.