The Replacements
It just didn’t work out this year. But I saw them in ’91. “I Will Dare” was the first song, and they played 2½ hours. I have “Unsatisfied” tattooed on my arm.

Hüsker Dü
Probably my favorite band of all time. I also have a tattoo on my arm. They’re one of those bands I’m just totally mesmerized by.

My Morning Jacket
I just love the band. It just didn’t work out, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. I’ve always been a fan, and I think they’re a special band.

The Jesus Lizard
The one that got away. The timing of their touring couldn’t work out. It was a real bummer, but the band that ended up taking their place was really killer, which was Sunny Day Real Estate.

John Coltrane
I got into him because I worked a show with Mike Watt, and he was playing him afterward, and I became really fascinated with him. Imagine Coltrane at Berbati’s or the Crystal Ballroom. I mean, that’d be taking it to a different level.