Wear your finest pink mink coat.

Back in the early '00s, Cam was affectionately known as "Harlem's Pink Panther" for his collection of oversized outerwear pinker than Bubblicious watermelon gum. Other pink accessories to consider: flip phone, fitted Yankees hat, bandanna.


Rock the Kenyon Martin Nuggets jersey that’s been hanging in the back of your closet for 10 years.
Acceptable jersey alternatives: Stephon Marbury when he was on the Knicks; anything Iverson.

Grab some Air Force 1s.
The only shoe acceptable if you’re going to yell, “Dipset!” at the stage all night.

Purchase a bucket hat.
Don’t listen to the haters—a good bucket hat will protect you from the heat of summer and probably please your grandma. It’s not just a Dipset thing, either: Schoolboy Q and Earl Sweatshirt are known bucket-hat aficionados, and Ja Rule wore one in Mary J. Blige’s “Rainy Dayz” video. Bonus points if it’s camo.

Wrap an NBA towel over your head.
In Cam’s immortal “Hey Ma” video, he wears an NBA towel on his head. And you think Kanye is a style icon? #GOAT


SEE IT: Cam’ron plays Roseland Theater, 8 NW 6th Ave., with Cool Nutz, Ill Chris and DJ Swervewon, on Monday, Aug. 25. 8 pm. $20. All ages.