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Snoop Dogg

Opening night at Icon, the venue formerly known as Satyricon, saw the legendary punk dive wearing new clothes: brushed-metal panels on the walls, a dance floor (bookended by two metal cages) where the stage once stood, cellphone-prattling suburbadroids who had surely never set foot near--much less inside--the club anytime during its previous 20-year incarnation. And that whooshing sound audible beneath the disco beats? Just Portland's historical and cultural life force being sucked into an icy, soulless void. Feh...piss on that.


Instead of basking in a Doggy-style afterglow, the folks at Thrasher Presents spent a day fielding calls from angry Snoop Dogg fans. The reason? Snoop didn't hit the Keller Auditorium stage until a full two hours after he was scheduled to start his July 28 show. He did eventually find his way to the mic for an hourlong set, but not until after the crowd of more than 1,700 was forced to watch a Snoop video (sans sound) three times.

Asked what caused the hold-up, Thrasher's Trevor Solomon said, simply, "It's Snoop."

It seems Snoop has better things to do than, you know, entertain people who have paid for the pleasure. H&V is fighting back by declaring a moratorium on the use of the "-izzle"--but not before we can say to the Doggfather, on behalf of the fans, sizzle my dizzle.


July 30's Exploding Hearts benefit shows at Dante's and Meow Meow raised around $5,000. The Aug. 1 Fez show to aid Systemwide drummer Josh Skins, who was the victim of a hit-and-run in mid-July, brought in $400. Another Skins benefit is scheduled at Berbati's Aug. 22.

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