Thank you, Portland police, for getting me off the front page for a while.

It was getting unbearable. Particularly the raft of dung being floated at me by our Fearless Leader in Salem. Ted, you big phony, give me a break. I'm the one who trashed people's trust in government? At least I'm standing up for something. Meanwhile, you and "Party" Hardy are perfecting the art of talking out of both sides of your mouths. "It's illegal. No, wait, it's legal. You're probably right, but please stop doing it." Bad in Benton County, but OK in Multnomah.

Let's see, Gov...then there was the little matter of your inauguration speech. "I won't raise your taxes." What was it, six months later and you were all, "If we don't bump the income tax, we'll have to close the schools"? A real confidence-builder, that was.

I can understand the fair-weather puritans out in Wood Village calling me "arrogant." It's the pot calling the kettle black, but it's what you'd expect from the other side of the aisle. Still, I thought at least I'd get a little better backup from the head of my own party.

It's like I was explaining to the girl at the shampoo sink down at Robert's the other day. The buck stops with me. I don't get a mansion and state troopers driving me around. While I was back here having to tippy-toe around to make sure I wasn't holding a "meeting," Ted "Cool Long" was at the White House having his picture taken with Bush.

Sometimes I wish he'd take the talcum powder out of his bowling bag and pour it down his pants.

--Posted by Diane at 11:43 pm

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