Namely: What in the world am I going to do with a $4 million campaign war chest? With the guys I'm running against, I could win on a budget of $14.27. The six of them together don't add up to one and a half John Lims. I've already spent 600 grand, but for the life of me, I have no clue what to do with the rest.

For $3.4 million, I could buy every voter in Oregon a stuffed teddy bear that looks like me. My campaign buttons could be 14-karat gold. Instead of coffees, we could have caviars. Hold the Pabst--serve the volunteers Archery Summit and Lemelson.

I don't want to have a bunch of money still sitting around after the election. I remember when Bob Packwood was cleaning out his office; he had $342,000 of excess campaign funds and two half-empty boxes of chenin blanc. It was sad.

Besides, you can't spend the political contributions on fun personal stuff anymore. I guess I could leave the money in the bank in case I run again in six years. But jeepers, do I still want to be doing this then? I'll be over 60. By that time, I was hoping to be in the Cabinet. (Note to self: Set up another lunch with Hillary.)

--Posted by Ron at 11:14 pm

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