'Sup, boo? Ra's in the house. Ay yo trip, check out my fly ring. John Nash, you can kiss it if you want.

Just got back from the Moët party in Motown. It's like a dream come true for me. The place has got soul. They think I'm Jesus instead of the devil. The food is great. Workin' next to my dog Ben--my boy is cock diesel. I won't be throwin' a towel in his face, know what I'm sayin'? And the rest of the ballers there are droppin' some skills. They just needed a philosopher like myself to help them get their swerve on.

Now I'm scoping where I'll play next. I got my agent working on it. Now which of you owners want to CTC for the hella scrilla? But it's not just about the paper. I want people to respect me for who I am. Like, no Utah, dig?

And no Indiana, either. I mean, check out that chickenhead Larry Bird, talkin' about how there ain't enough cave boys in the game. What's up with that? Even that old slavemaster David Stern told him to step off from that sh*t.

It's the same ill vibe they got going in P-Town. I remember Shawn Kemp. Man, they dissed that brother 'til they ran him out. Yo, so what if he was out of shape and had kids with a few different chicks? Hell, in Portland, if he was white, he could have been governor.

--Posted by Rasheed at 1:21 am